Tattoo Fonts & Designs For Your Next Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are amongst the most popular tattoo designs.  According to researchers, they have been around dating back to B.C. years. Some people tend to forget, tribal tattoos can be designed with color as well but they are tradtionally black and white. To get you started on your design we actually found free tribal ideas for you.


Another extremely popular type of design is tattoo lettering.  When pictures can’t tell 1000 words, we rely on actual text.  These types of tattoos can obviously come in any font you desire.  From Jester to Times New Roman, the font can express the overall expression of your tattoo. To make life a bit easier, we found another link that may be helpful to you when choosing a font.  


Aside from tribal tattoos and lettering, there are other types of tattoos such as celtic, portrait, memorials, stylized, and combination. The possibilities for your design are endless! Just try to remember to make sure you choose the right artist for the job.  Don’t be shy ask to see portfolios! A good Tattoo Artist wouldn’t be hesitiant to show you their previous work and progression from one tattoo to the next.  We hope this information was useful!

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Academy of Responsible Tattooing

We got our information from The Academy of Responsible Tattooing – New York Tattoo School

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