Tattoo Care – Caring for Your New Tattoo!

Hello Everyone, 

Just some information on caring for that fresh ink you just had done.  Here are some helpful steps:

You first want to remove the bandage 2-4 hours after you receive the tattoo and gently wash it with soap and water and pat dry.  Then put on a thin layer of A+D Ointment.  This is to keep the tattoo mositurized to prevent scabbing. It also keeps out bad bacteria during the healing process.


Keep applying a thin layer of A+D Ointment for the next 2 days. After the 2 days, stop iusing the ointment and switch to a high quality, white hand lotion such as lubriderm.  You do not want to use a lotion with dye in it because it may irritate your tattoo. Also keep the bandage off.  On a daily basis, make sure to gently wash it with soap and water and pat dry. 

A few other things to keep in mind are to avoid sun exposure because it will bleach your tattoo. Also, avoid swimming becuase this, as well, could cause your ink to become discolored.


Lastly, Its cruicial to make sure you care for you new tattoo properly.  Any infection should not be taken lightly! Make a visit to your doctor if you experience:

Extreme redness or irritation




An unusual odor

Any type of discharge, red streaks, or sores

We got our information from The Academy of Responsible Tattooing – New York Tattoo School

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