Should People Be Allowed to Pierce and Tattoo Their Pets?

By Jocelyn Ortega

There is this new trend where people have been piercing and tattooing their pets. My opinion is that people who would even consider doing this to their beloved pets are completely repulsive. There is no reason to put animals through this pain unless it’s for tagging or identification purposes done by licensed veterinarians. This “fad” has gotten so popular that laws are being passed to make this illegal in New Jersey and New York.

When people make the decision to pierce or tattoo their pets, it’s for very selfish reasons. Usually this is because they think it will make their pet look tough or edgy. Being a pet owner myself, I could never imagine putting my pets through this kind of torture. They are defenseless creatures at the mercy of their owners, whom they trust and love. Animals were built by nature in such a way that each aspect of their anatomy has a special purpose and to tamper with this is very damaging to the animal. Animals hear, smell and see differently than humans and piercings and tattoos can interfere with their natural senses.

Recently there was a “gothic cat” fad started by, dog groomer, Holly Crawford of Willkes-Barre, PA. Crawford pierced the ears, tails and necks of 3 kittens as well as bobbed their tails. She tortured these poor kittens to make money online claiming they were “gothic kittens”. Cat’s ears are very sensitive and are meant to be metal free. Any extra weight on their ears can distort their hearing. Their ears are too thin to support the weight of the jewelry. Piercing a cat’s neck makes the cat submissive. “Mother cats pick up their young from the scruff of the neck because pressure on the sensitive nerves there leads to submissive action. They can’t escape the feeling of being constantly bitten with a piercing in this location.  Also, the piercings at the back of tails hamper balance and jumping abilities (” Rubber bands were also being used to cut off the blood flow to the kitten’s tails to bob their tails and make them fall off. This is animal cruelty at its worst.

What we decide to do to ourselves is a different story. We are consenting individuals making the decision for ourselves. Animals do not need tattoos or piercings to be happy. It’s solely for the sick pleasure of their owner. It’s truly heart breaking that this has happened but at least laws are being passed in New Jersey and New York to prevent these acts of harm against animals.

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