Lead Female Tattoo Artist at Body & Soul Tattoo!

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Oksana Weber, aka “Agent Salt”, was born and raised in the Soviet of Union, where she learned how to disassemble and reassemble an AK47 (true!). After obtaining a computer science degree, she got bored, said “f*ck it!” and in ’09 came to the states with a backpack and a few dollars in her pocket. She quickly found that she had a passion for bikinis. Not just wearing them, but designing them! In 2012, right before the supposed end of the world, she realized, “If it’s all going to end, I should at least go after what I really want to do… become a tattoo artist!” She got some good advice to apprentice at Body & Soul, and has never looked back. Now she is an astoundingly advanced new Tattoo Artist, which we are very proud to call one of our own! Trained here and now creating breathtaking work here, come down to Body & Soul and meet Oksana Weber!

Oksana’s Tattoo Gallery