11223949_10207147778362292_1842003110666630181_n Oscar Aguilar was born and raised in Lima, Peru. At age thirteen, he and his family moved to the United States. He attended Bayonne High School where he explored his early interest in the visual arts. After graduating high school, he attended New Jersey City University where he started as a Mechanical Engineering major. Two years later, after enrolling in an elective art class, Oscar felt a strong impulse to pursue art and become a professional artist. He changed his major to Fine Arts and continued exploring his vast interest in the visual arts by enrolling in classes with a strong emphasis on drawing, painting, photography, graphic design among many others. Towards the end of his academic career, Oscar set his mind on becoming a well-prepared and highly skilled tattoo artist which would allow him to create a brand for himself which could guarantee and exclusively unique product. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in May 2012 and began his tattoo artist apprenticeship at Body Art and Soul Tattoos in January 2013. Oscar has been learning the trade since, and his passion and eagerness to learn continue to grow everyday.

Oscars’s Tattoo Gallery